Lucy Sky Dispensary

An all around brand construction for Lucy Sky, a boutique style dispensary in Denver. I conceptualized everything from the name “Lucy Sky” to the kaleidoscope logo and font treatments. Below are a few TV screen graphics and 3/4 page Westword ads to elaborate on the style I developed.  There were also a plethora of in house collaterals and one of the most beautiful dispensary websites you will ever see. Although, in early 2015 I was hit by a truck and incapacitated; and in a completely unrelated incident, due to a WordPress update’s incompatibility with the theme, the website broke. The client freaked and despite my excruciatingly painful closed head injury, I was able to rebuild the entire site in less than 6 hours. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough and Lucy Sky released me as an agent shortly there after. Since then, they have moved in a direction that is to put it nicely, unattractive.